Your signal might be too strong

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When something goes wrong with a TV’s picture, people are quick to blame the aerial. However, there are many other reasons why you may be having technical difficulties. One possibility is that there is too much signal. It could be overloading your TV.

Can the signal really be too strong?

Believe it or not, this is a legitimate problem. It is often funny telling someone the reason they are having trouble with the TV is because they had too strong of a signal. All of the active gear you own will come with a maximum signal level. Thus, objects like TVs and amplifiers can overload when there is too much.

In addition, this is how things like 4G and 5G, and Tetra interference cause issues. The fact they are there on the aerial cable isn’t a concern. It is when they gain too much strength and overload everything they become problematic.

It is an easy fix

Luckily, having too much signal isn’t exactly a bad problem to have. What we mean is that it’s easy to fix the issue.

To begin with, if it is outside interference, all you will normally need to do is filter it out. Use a suitable filter to do so.

If you have an amplifier, you might just have to remove it. You can then replace it with passive equipment like splitters. They can serve several TVs and you won’t need distribution amplifiers.

aerial installations RetfordYou may also live in a strong signal area that is not far from a transmitter. If you do, then you can simply install an attenuator.

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