Why aerials are typically installed on the roof

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Why outside?

An aerial gets a signal from a land based transmitter. Because of this, things can get in the way and block a lot of the signal from reaching your building. Even if you live very close to a transmitter, it is still often best to fit an aerial outside at the correct height.

Maximise signal strength

Installing your aerial outside gives you the best chance of maximising the signal strength. This will provide you with a more reliable reception that will be less likely to pixelate or break up. Fitting an aerial high up means it is more likely to clear any obstructions that are nearby like buildings and trees. As a result, you won’t have to worry about things blocking the signal.

Having a line of sight between the aerial and the transmitter will make it very easy to get a good signal. Chances are it will also be easy to align it because you can simply point it in the right direction.

Installing an aerial on the roof is not always an option though. When this is the case, it is possible to install it in a loft. This requires a professional installer who will know what to do to get a good enough signal for the TV. You may also need an amplifier.

Even when you are finding it difficult to get a good signal, we can assist you. Ours are the aerial installations Retford TV lovers rate highly. We ensure every client will receive a great signal from their equipment.

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