Wall Mounting

After you have spent hundreds of pounds on your new flat screen television, it seems a shame not to mount it on the wall. But mounting a large television can be a thwart with danger and really needs a lot of consideration before its attempted.

After all, watching your new pride and joy crash to the floor, or worse still fall on top of a loved one could be a memory you just wouldn’t want, so consider using Eclipse Aerial Systems to do the job for you.

There are ever increasing numbers of casualties caused by falling televisions despite TV’s getting lighter and slimmer, and the number of children injured by them is on the increase.

Our current obsession with our flat screen televisions has caused some problems with respect to safety. During the transition from bulky "big back TV's" to relatively skinny flat screens – the number of people injured by them dropping off walls is increasing at an alarming rate. And of course they are getting bigger and wider – A 50 to 65 inch screen is now common place, and all that extra width means more weight on the wall, so just finding the right bracket can be mind boggling.

And once your TV is on the wall, what are you to do with those unsightly wires?

Eclipse Aerial Systems, have a multitude of skill and equipment to make you new TV look like it’s floating in the air and needs no source of power whatsoever, and in most cases even without the use of any trunking.

Ideally you want those wires inside a cavity or behind the plaster board, but this doesn’t mean digging great chunks out of your walls either. We can place your TV on the wall to exactly as it was intended.

A Safe, wall mounted TV looks fantastic, especially with no unsightly wires hanging down from it. They can be connected to all sorts of peripheral equipment such as a cinema sound system or sound bar making them a real focal point of 21st century entertainment.

For a few extra pounds, take the stress out, and let the professionals wall mount your TV.