Sky Digital

Sky Digital can bring you a revolution in home television. With access to over 1000 TV and Radio channels there will be something to suit everyone.

Offering the latest in TV shows, Blockbusters and documentaries Sky Digital is one of the nations favourite television providers.

With Sky HD you can experience television as you never have before, with details so clear and sharp you can watch dazzling documentaries or football matches that feels like you are right in the heart of the action.

And it doesnt stop there Sky+ allows you to stop and pause live TV, meaning you will never miss an episode of your favourite show again. With Sky+ you can record your favourite shows while you are out at the touch of a button. With such a wide range of services and packages to suit any budget it’s no wonder why 9 million UK households have chosen Sky.

Here at Eclipse Aerial Systems we are registered sky installers which mean we can organise the equipment and sky cards and install it for you. Sky TV is received through a satellite dish which will need to be fitted to the side of your home, our highly trained and experienced technicians will ensure this is done safely and with minimum disruption to your daily life.

Once installed your Sky Digital will open up a world of opportunities to you, from increasing your viewing pleasure to linking all your entertainment system to Sky Multi Room, the list is endless.