Radio Aerials

Listening to the radio has always been one of the UKs most popular past times and with the increase of technology there are more channels to listen to and enjoy. FM radio is the UKs most popular choice of receiving radio reception while DAB or Digital Audio Broadcast is fast becoming a firm favorite.

Both give good clear signals while FM radio signal covers all of the UK even if sometimes you get a less than clear signal. DAB on the other hand although it doesn’t cover as wide a range as FM radio it gives clearer sound but never has the crackly signal of FM. That is, on FM you can pick up a crackly weak signal but with DAB you will either have a good signal or none at all. DAB however has many more stations than FM as DAB stations do not take up as much space as FM stations.

Whatever your preference of radio, to get the best out of your radio installing a radio aerial can help optimise your listening experience. At Eclipse Aerial Systems we install both FM and DAB aerials.

FM aerials can dramatically improve the quality of your FM signal. We stock and supply a wide range of aerials from one bar aerials to three bar aerials for where FM reception is weak.

DAB radios can be plugged in to a standard FM or TV aerial but for optimum results a specialist DAB aerial is required. Our technicians can supply and install either of the aerials and advise you on which will get you optimum radio.