Do you have faulty leads, cables, or amplifiers?

When it comes to aerial installations Retford has no business working for it that is more talented than our own. It is our job to set domestic and commercial customers up with equipment as and when they need it. To guarantee a great outcome, we only use the finest gear from premier manufacturers.

Coming across a “no signal message” or having a TV picture that you can’t watch are two things you do not want. When we do encounter these issues however, many of us wonder why our aerials aren’t working. Below we look at some of the most common reasons why your aerial or TV isn’t functioning properly.

Faulty cable or leadphoto-1491832541507-17ee9fc8d164

One possibility is a faulty aerial cable or fly lead. You may have a TV aerial wall plate. If so, you will have a lead that is linked to the antenna socket on your television. This can start developing a problem and result in no signal or a terrible picture. Certain skinny factory leads are not the greatest quality either. Even when they are not malfunctioning, they tend to lose so much signal that you don’t get a decent image. If you are having cable troubles, you should get an upgrade.

Check the power supply unit and amplifier

Another problem could be that there is a faulty amplifier or power supply unit. The TV, aerial, and cable are but a few possible additions to your television system. This is because there are many types of systems. It is possible that you reside in a weak signal area or have aerial supporting several sets. If you do, you might have a TV aerial booster or amplifier. These can develop faults. It is best to replace them if they are faulty.

At Eclipse Aerial Systems, we have installed aerials in all sorts of buildings. This includes houses, apartment buildings, and hotels. Regardless of where you live, we will make certain that you enjoy superior picture quality. This is why we are the best team for aerial installations Retford has.

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