About Us

Eclipse Aerial Systems was formed in 2010. Driven by a passion to create a business that would offer a service of outstanding quality backed by experience and real knowledge.

Today’s home entertainment products are simply amazing – and will continue to evolve to levels unthinkable even 10 years ago.

Some items of complex digital equipment are straight forward to operate and install, but to get the best from them they need to be combined. Your PC with your TV for example, will bring a whole new dimension to your viewing experience. Combing these items requires knowledge and planning to achieve the best results.

Below are just some of the services we offer.

  • Digital terrestrial Aerial installations.
  • CCTV instalations for home.
  • CCTV instalations for business.
  • TV wall mounting service.
  • Communal terrestrial aerial and satellite distribution systems in Apartment blocks, Nursing Homes. Schools, Hotels, Hospitals & Guest Houses. VHF/FM radio Aerial installations.
  • DAB digital radio aerial installations.
  • High Definition home distribution systems.
  • FREESAT and FREESAT HD satellite installations.
  • SKY-Q HD-home share, with multi room remote control.
  • WiFi instalations for home.
  • WiFi instalations for Business
  • WiFi trouble shooting
  • Telephone extension points.
  • Aerials repaired, waterlogged cables replaced.
  • Additional TV points.